Welcome to Betty Grable Lashes

About Us

Betty Grable Lashes specializes in eyelash extensions. We use advanced techniques that separate us from the rest. We are certified technicians in:

• • • CLASSIC LASHES • • •
one fake lash attached to ONE single natural lash!
• • • VOLUME LASHES • • •
handmade fans created by us (3-8 lashes) on ONE natural lash. Volume lashes are EXTREMELY light weight and non-damaging to the natural lashes.

We care for our clients and always try our best to satisfy every client’s needs. Our technicians will go over everything with you before getting started. They look at your eye shape and help you decide what will look best on you and for your lifestyle!

Now... let's cut your getting ready time in half and say

About the Owner

Chloe is the talk of the town with her vintage studio specializing in lash extensions! You’re probably wondering why the name "Betty Grable?!” Well, Betty Grable was from the 1930's era and she always had long, luxurious lashes, and was one of the first pin up girls EVER! They say history repeats itself, but lashes is one thing that has never gone out of style! Betty Grable is an icon therefore "Betty Grable Lashes" was the perfect name!

Chloe is a licensed esthetician and certified in classic and volume lashes! With this industry always changing, she is up to speed in all of the new advance techniques to make sure your lashes are the best out there! She cares deeply for her clients and builds a relationship with each and everyone of them. Now if you're looking for AHHH-MAZING healthy lashes, then you have come to the right gal!